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About the Troop Appreciation Foundation

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"We consider it a honor & privilege to have an opportunity to organize the Troop Appreciation Fishing Derby. 


Thank You to the men & women of America's arm services - GOD bless you!"


Pictured to the left are the organizers of the Troop Appreciation Foundation events,   Bill Strong & Capt. Mike Glover


Contact Us 

Captain Mike Glover (803) 609-0066

Bill Strong (803) 467-6654

"Our heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - Our Armed Forces & First Responders."

The Troop Appreciation Fishing Derby was started in 2012 by  Capt. Mike Glover, a Lake Murray fishing guide, while on a guided fishing trip with Army officers asked a simple question:


“If I could get some  friends to donate a day of service taking troops fishing  could you get soldiers to go?"


The answer was a resounding YES!   As a result, 15 boats outfitted by local fishermen took 43 troops on what turned out to be the first annual fishing trip.  

Pictured here are Colonel Christopher R. Forsythe (center) & two officers that were on the fishing trip that led to annual event.

colonel christopher.jpg

The Fishing Derby was born in 2012  


Past Events


2012 - 43 active duty troops, 15 volunteer captains with fishing boats 


2013 - 65 active duty troops, 21 volunteer captains with fishing boats 


2014 – 78 active duty troops and 15 wounded warriors,   93 troops,

31 volunteer captains with fishing boats 

2015 – 63 wounded warriors signed up, 28 volunteer captains with fishing boats 


2016 - 53 wounded warriors with, 19 volunteer captains with fishing boats

2017 - 65 wounded warriors fishing derby


2017 - Law Enforcement Fishing Round Up (31 DNR & Deputy Sheriff's).


2018 - 69 wounded warriors participated with 22 volunteer captains with fishing boats,  272 striped bass caught.


2019 - 69 wounded warriors participated with 26 volunteer captains with fishing boats, 350 striped bass were caught

2020 - Funded air travel home for Christmas Holiday for 11 Activity Duty Soldiers and 4 Sailors.  

2020 - Fishing Derby postponed postponed due to COVID-19

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